Think outside the box now
“You're just one step away from creating that brilliant business idea that no one else has thought about”

Big Business Idea thinking that creates profitable ideas for small business products and services straight from an international business innovation consultant.

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Who is Nils Vesk?

*Founder of consultancy Innovation Blueprint
 * International innovation consultant & author
*Programs create commercial ideas 
*Author of - 'Ideas with Legs' &'Innovation Archetypes'
*Publisher of 'Innovation Blueprints' magazine

“Absolutely brilliant. Put a new perspective on my thought process.” 
Rory Muscat, Director, Private Banking, BankWest Private Banking
It's time to start outsmarting your competition. Start by understanding how to create that next BIG idea.
Step by step process
The key innovation process steps required to commercialise an idea covered from start to finish. 
All on one page
This process was normally kept in the minds of our greatest inventors.
Prompts action
Continually improves your idea as you go through the process.
Easy to follow flowchart
Colour coded, clear diagrams, show you what to do and when to do it.
Works at any stage
Enables you take an idea from any stage. Even works if you don't have an idea to start with!
Revolutionary  process
this process is being used by world class innovators in their day to day innovation
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“How would your life change if you came up with 'that  brilliant idea', be it Instant Noodles, the Rubik’s Cube or  the  Post-it note?”

When it comes to realising a brilliant idea from scratch, many of us think this is best left to the professionalinventor, designer, scientist or engineer. But is that really the case?

From changing the way we think about ideas to overcoming roadblocks, Ideas With Legs  makes it possible for anyone to unlock and realise powerful ideas, one step at a time.

In a world where ideas are increasingly becoming the currency for success, this book is a vital tool forany would be innovator and inventor. It only takes one idea to change your life.
“Innovation is bandied around organisations on a daily basis but is it really understood? Nils explains innovation and how to achieve it with proactive tools and habits you can develop immediately.” 
Jason Sharp, Coordinator Economic Development, City of Moonee Valley
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