Innovation Training and Consulting Company Ideas with Legs was founded by Nils VeskNils Vesk

Our Purpose

“To give ordinary people the chance to create extraordinary ideas that can change lives, industries & the world”

The change we are trying to make

At Ideas with Legs, we want to make sure, when it comes to innovating in business, that no one is left out and no great ideas are left behind.

By offering people hassle-free and effective innovation skills and tools that happen to be fun, we let the entire organisation be part of commercial innovation projects that drive profitable returns.

We change cultures from being exclusive to inclusive, and people from being stuck in a box to thinking outside of the box.

Our values


Around the globe, leading companies such as Nestle, HP & Pfizer turn to Nils Vesk to share his unique game changing innovation techniques for formulating commercial insights, ideas, extraordinary customer experiences and irresistible products.

Nils Vesk is an international authority on innovation and the inventor of the ‘Innovation Archetypes Process’. This process enables common people to create uncommon market leading innovation that empowers organisations to forge forward in new markets, whilst driving incredible commercial returns.

Nils’s captivating storytelling coupled with his practical innovation processes consistently increase learning transfer and create commercial gains. In fact, his most recent client, a major US manufacturer R&D team, doubled their innovation output in the 12 months following his engagement. Put simply, audiences who work with Nils shift from creating insignificant ideas to becoming indispensable idea generators that continue to realize innovation for years to come.

Nils unpacks the million-dollar innovation principles used to create rapid growth for the future. This enables organisations to shift from being on the back foot, to identifying and seizing the customers of the future. Equipping them to rapidly invent the products, processes and services that create raving fans and insatiable customer desire. Nils is a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), the designation held by fewer than 10% of professional speakers globally.

Nils is the author of a number of books including "Ideas With Legs - How to Create Brilliant Ideas and Bring Them to Life", and "Innovation Archetypes - Principles for World Class Innovation".


Specialist marketing and communications assistance

Anna Millington has a practical edge to her marketing, customer insights and product development. With a formal degree in the creative arts in Silversmithing and Jewellery design, Anna discovered early on that a product, wether it be a luxury or low cost one, was worthless unless a customer was interested in purchasing it.

She has held numerous roles in marketing and communications from being a marketing specialist and marketing manager to being a communications strategist.

She is obsessed with rapid deployment and the utilisation of simple digital tools to create ‘fake door’ tests that can quickly validate a customer problem and establish wether a market fit exists.

Anna has worked with a number of small start ups. She was the marketing manager of the innovative product company Savannah Kitchenware where some of her key activities included:

* Brand strategy, product marketing & promotional campaigns

* Digital marketing - content, design and analytics for eDMS & social media

* Art direction, photography, graphic design, video editing

* Project management for landing pages, website build and annual catalogue

* Marketing direction, advertising, copywriting & support for national sales team

* Budget & stakeholder management


Paul Carson has led a fast-paced strategic and operational career in the financial and insurance world, culminating in some of the highest operational positions attainable working in both Europe, Asia and Australia.

He’s formulated and directed world class business and technology strategies, generated innovation initiatives, designed policies and prioritised projects that have focussed on growing businesses rapidly and sustainably through innovative thinking.

From business transformation to CX innovation programs Paul has seen commercial results in all his roles. In his last role Paul spearheaded the customer experience (CX) transformation of AXA Hong Kong where he was the COO in charge of 1500+ employees. His CX innovation strategy and resulted in some of the highest commercial yields AXA Hong Kong had seen and resulted in AXA Hong Kong as securing the No. 1 Net promoter score.  

Paul has been applying innovative strategies for over 25 years. Paul has coupled his formal actuarial skills with customer experience innovation and commercial growth strategies. The key innovation problem he solves is how to create customer delight whilst driving commercial innovative returns.

Despite being professionally trained as an actuary, Paul understands that risk in innovation can be managed and used to commercial advantage.  

Paul brings commercialisation i strategies and devises Customer Experience Strategies to significantly improve the experience for the customers.

Some of his positions have included:COO AXA HongKong, Deputy CEO AIA Australia, COO AIG United Kingdom, COO AIA Australia


Our Brand Promise

Commercial ideas for market every time, by any team, for any problem.

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