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Learn how start-ups innovate so quickly & how you can beat them

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Spend more time innovating and less time guessing so you can profit faster
There are a hundred reasons why you should use these innovation hacks but here are 3 good ones
You don't have to be a genius to innovate, you just need to ask the right question at the right time
Our self-coaching innovation hacks are designed to prompt you to take the right action for the phase of innovation you're in. Whether you're on the hunt for a killer insight, a big idea, the easiest way to test your idea, or  marketing your innovation
Our innovation hacks are applicable to 99.9% of businesses and industries

The hacks we share can be applied to a multitude of situations. From a corporate innovation strategy to a start-up minimal viable product (MVP). We've successfully applied our methods to CEO's, backyard inventors and government administrators
Many of these hacks are regularly used by companies such as Google, Amazon & Spotify
One of the reasons the world's best companies succeed is that they move rapidly. Investigating, ideating, validating and  innovating. The reason they regularly use experimental hacks is because they work and help to make money
Validate your risky ideas & market potential before investing your precious time & money
Focus on the critical task that creates the biggest follow-on effect
Step by step
Follow the tried & tested steps that serial innovators take to realise their innovation
Profit faster
Accelerate your profit returns by saving time in the innovation journey
What our hacks cover
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24 insight hacks to help you uncover where will be most profitable to innovate
Data - prompts to gather effective data 
Trends - identifying 'must know' trends
Behaviour - customer insight observation
Market - need for solutions + willingness to pay for it
A sneak peek of some of our Insight hacks


Have you scanned through media sources & industry publications to identify any social, technological, environmental, economic and political emerging trends that may impact your innovation, marketplace or customer?


Have you been able to listen-in to user problems firsthand via existing customer service teams or with direct customer conversations?

29 idea generation hacks to help you create killer ideas to your problems you need to solve
Constructive - prompts to ensure your idea is indestructible.
Design thinking - prompts to create an irresistible product or service.
Lateral thinking - questions to get you creating game changing solutions
A sneak peek of some of our Idea generation hacks

Constructive Ideas:

Have you looked at what you can combine with your product, process or service to improve them? For example making a blend, an alloy, an assortment, an ensemble or combining units together.


Creative Ideas:

Have you mapped out a customer journey/ experience of your new product or service? Think of every step a customer would come into contact with you.

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29 prototyping and experimenting hacks to help you test the validity and effectiveness of your innovation
Experiment - Innovation is a series of continual experiments. Our questions prompt you to experiment on the areas that will help you the most
User Experience (UX) - Prompts to ensure the  customer experience you design is seamless and hassle free
Rapid prototypes - Prompts to look at the fastest way to test your ideas
A sneak peek of some of our Prototyping hacks

Experiment Planning:

Before testing a new product, process or service idea have you written a list of all the predictions that your prototype/ proof of concept/ pilot program will achieve?


UX & Rapid Prototypes:

Have you purposefully made mistakes when testing a product/service in order to discover ways to prevent those mistakes occurring in the future?

35 project mgmt. entrepreneurial and marketing hacks to help you build your innovation on time on budget and share it with the world
metrics + KPIs - hacks to make sure you are measuring the right things and establishing how you will make an ROI
marketing - hacks to prompt you on applying the most effective marketing activities to give you bang for your bucks
project management - hacks to prompt you in getting your project built on time and on budget
A sneak peek of some of our Project + Prototyping hacks

Project Planning & Management:

Have you created a visual plan of your project? NB: Drawing the project steps, activities and tasks makes them much easier to realise. Remember, plans should focus on what is going to be done, where it’s going to be done and how it’s going to be done.



Have crafted a story to help identify and communicate what's remarkable about your new product, process or service or suggested ideas on how to make the product/service more remarkable from a customer’s perspective?

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What people think about us
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"Absolutely brilliant. He put a new perspective on my thought process!"
Rory Muscat Director, Private Banking, BankWest

"Love how you make the complex world of innovation so simple"
Sebastien Lundy Yum Foods

"Challenged me to remove the bias that blinds me from being innovative in my business"
John Drury

"I have started using your innovation techniques in every day life as well as work, and experienced startling results."
Warren Robb Solutions Engineer

"Innovation is bandied around Organisations on a daily basis but is it really understood? Nils explains innovation and how to achieve it with proactive tools and habits you can develop immediately."
Jason Sharp City of Moonee Valley
Frequently Asked Questions
Here Are A Few Questions We Get A Lot...
Do all the hacks come together?
Yes, there are 117 hacks in the total pack which cover the four critical phases of innovation. We also include our 9 critical innovation KPI's that will help you to focus and measure the most important parts of your innovation.
Can I get just one section of the hacks eg. Prototypes?
No, the reason why we include all of the hacks from the four key phases is that unless you cover all four bases your innovation is unlikely to succeed.
What format are the hacks - questions or actions?
Apart from the KPI's we have designed the hacks in a self coaching checklist format. We've found through experience, that a direct question that checks to see if a critical task has been implemented is by far the most effective tool to help an innovation succeed.
Do I have to be a start-up to use these or can I use them in the organisation I work for?
These hacks can be used for a start-up of one or an organisation of 1000+. We've used these hacks with professional service organisations, with R&D labs and of course with start-ups themselves.
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