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Are you really willing to change. To change your thinking, change your beliefs and change your behaviour? Nils offers bespoke mentoring packages for global game changers to take your career and/or business to the next level. 

Most people come for mentoring because they are looking to accelerate their growth and reinvent their results using the best possible tools and advice to make that happen. With a plethora of information in the world, we are looking for clarity as to what to do next and what not to do in order to reinvent their results.


Nils has worked with some of the most innovative CEO's and Chairman's of companies in Australia as well as up and coming executives. These clients found ways to reinvent their thinking and results.

Everyone has the ability to reinvent themselves, but starting and completing that journey can be hard. You need to be ready to challenge your thinking, your beliefs, your ideas and how you work. That's what Nils does, he helps you identify what you want to change and how to go about changing your that you create ideas you've never imagined before.

One of the best things about reinventing yourself is the freedom of letting go of limiting beliefs and behaviours. Nils won't get you to focus on doing everything, rather he'll get you to focus on the most important action and behaviour that will create the biggest impact and make everything else seem either easier to do, or unnecessary to do.


We're not so interested in your job title or business name, what we are interested in is your willingness to reinvent your thinking. Nil's mentoring offers the insights and tools to transform your thinking and accelerate your results like never before. Go from being left out to sought out, from being flat footed to front footed. Be the 'go-to' person for thinking on your feet. Be able to demonstrate indispensable ideas so that you're always included in the big meetings and your name is always front of mind for the next promotion. 


If Nils's mentoring interests you and you think it might be a good match here's what to do.

Fill out the application form beneath.

Nils will review it personally and he'll schedule a short phone call so you can ask any questions and he can ask you a few as well.

If you both believe you could be good fit and create some amazing results together, Nils will create a mentoring package specifically for you. 

This is the only program where Nils gives out his mobile number and encourages people to call or text him.

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"I found it to be a practical approach to give you practical tools to be your organisation's innovation catalyst. The set of techniques and activities help build experience and confidence to try out new approaches and new ideas at work as well as being able to pass it on effectively to your colleagues - enabling the to think differently too. That's where the real value lies: unlocking the innovation of your own network. "
Andrew Pope 

"Nils is an amazing talent. His ability to see patterns in ideas that are not obvious to others sets him apart. He is an exceptional presenter and a master at bringing concepts alive."
Matt Church 

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