First we invented the best system to learn how to innovate.
Nine years and thousands of clients later, we've reinvented it.
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1. Learn from the past & future 

From past failures and emerging future trends. If we want to reinvent, we need to revisit the playing field. 

2. Reset your mindset

No matter how experienced you are, we all face obstacles. We debunk faulty beliefs  & rewire the brain for success.

3. Choose what to reinvent

From reinventing a product from the ground up to reinventing a process. Not sure where to start? We'll help you find the right path to take.

4. Uncover what customers will die for

Customers make the world go around. You'll be discovering real customer insights within minutes.

5. Create Million Dollar Ideas 

Apply 'rain making' idea generation processes to your new insights and see how many great ideas you can create on demand. 

6. Sort and fine tune 

Sort the golden ideas from the lemons with your new sorting process and clarify them so they are crystal clear.

7. Test before you build

Put you ideas to the test before you waste time and money building the. You'll get instant feedback to reveal if your customers will be reaching into their wallets for your reinvention.

8. Build it fast, build it good

Building your new product or service has never been easier, faster and cheaper. Your new outsource and reconstruction guide makes it as simple as ABC.

9. Launch your dream product

You'll be writing compelling Unique Value Propositions (UVP's) within minutes and saving yourself a fortune as you create & implement your launch strategy.

Tell us why you want to reinvent.

We'll show you what to learn.
Tired of feeling guilty that you're not reinventing anything?
By the end of your first live Reinvention session you'll already be innovating
The ability to invent and innovate is not just about being able to think differently. It's also about being to act differently.

This means being able to reinvent faster than before. In our live reinvention sessions you will create commercial insights, ideas and start experiments to validate whether there's money in your ideas.

This is perfect for those who always complain they don't have time to innovate. Each session you have a time based reinvention challenge, all designed to accelerate your big reinventions.

Technical skills in innovating
By the end of your short course you will be performing like a pro
Whether you want to become a gun at discovering insights, generating ideas or being able to validate ideas we've got you covered.
Our online courses are designed so that you can punch one out in an afternoon and be using what you've learnt the very next day on real work activities.
  • 5-10 minute videos
  • Activity sheets
  • Reinvention tasks to apply your new skills to
  • Flow Charts - step by step flow chart for each process
Leading innovation
Get invited to the important meetings and watch as your career growth accelerates
Become sought out rather than left out with the ability to think on your feet and create strategies to take an inkling of an idea and transform it into a commercial success.

Our Leading Innovation program is designed to create industry innovation leaders. Whether you're working for a big global company or a small start-up, being able to formulate an innovation strategy and drive innovation day in day out is a guaranteed fast track to career success.

Our immersive program is a combination of self paced and live workshops and activities that will up-skill you and give you the ability to drive innovative results that get you into the boardroom. Become the organisations Innovation Manager or Chief Innovation Officer (CIO).

It's time to reinvent your thinking
No matter where you are at in your career or business, we have step-by-step help to rapidly reinvent your thinking and business results. Here's the 3 levels of Reinvention Club Membership we have.


  • Create a new Insight or learn about a new emerging trend
  • Create a minimum of 3 reinvention Ideas
  • Create a validation experiment to test your idea
  • Create a unique Value Proposition to help sell your idea
  • Map out the fastest & safest way to execute your reinvention




  • Can be completed in an afternoon
  • Teaches specific skills for each course topic with How-to Videos
  • Is supported with a Work-guide and Action sheet
  • Topics available include: Insight creation, Trend spotting, Idea Generation, Validation, Prototyping and Pitching
  • Is practical and powerful and gets results fast




  • Enable you to become an Innovation manager or lead an innovation program
  • Give you access to all our online short courses & our step-by-step innovation  flowcharts
  • Provide One-on-one and group mentoring sessions
  • Unlock our innovation Q&A hotline
  • Allow access to attend all our monthly intensives


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We've helped these renowned firms and many more

Media we've been profiled in:

Success stories from our students
We strive to help you be successful, just ask our past students

“I found it to be a practical approach to give you practical tools to be your organisation's innovation catalyst. The set of Techniques and activities help build experience and confidence to try out new approaches and new ideas at work as well as being able to pass it on effectively to your colleagues - enabling them to think differently too. That's where the real value lies: unlocking the innovation of your own network.”

Andrew Pope  Former Student now Innovation Consultant

“One of the issues we, and many others, face is identifying and implementing the ideas that come up in a workplace. Working with Nils has provided a practical set of tools and experiences that has allowed us to turn more of the talk into actions”

Chris Weber  Former Student, Manager, Innovation & Business Improvement Tamworth Regional Council
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