Innovation Sprints - Run an innovation sprint to rapidly solve a problem + create a viable solution
Run an innovation sprint to rapidly solve a problem + create a viable solution
Sprints are a highly effective, proven way to accelerate the innovation and design process as they allow participants to test and solve problems in a matter of hours.

Each section includes activities with defined and often (purposely) short time limits to ignite creativity and problem solving whilst eliminating procrastination. The sprint framework can be delivered as a 5 day in person workshop or remotely as 5 x 3 hour digital sprints:

The basic outline a sprint is as follows:

SET UP: Assign tasks in teams, schedule the sprint. 

MAP: Set the long term goal and map processes to get to this goal. Check the process and decide on specific area to focus on for the sprint. 

SKETCH: Remix and improve. Review solutions from other industries. Capture big ideas. Generate variations and solutions.

DECIDE: Voting for most interesting ideas. Speed critique. Super vote. Storyboarding for chosen ideas. 

PROTOTYPE: Faking it, picking the right tools, divide and conquer, stitch it together, trial run. 

TEST: Act, interview, learn together, look for patterns, review and revisit. 

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“One of the issues we, and many others face is identifying and implementing the ideas that come up in a workplace. Working with Nils has provided a practical set of tools and experiences that has allowed us to turn more of the talk into actions”

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