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When You're an Innovator,
You Lead the Industry.

Create winning product or process innovations,
without spending a fortune, or taking on risks.

Innovation Leaders from around the world rely on our our rapid risk minimising innovation programs and mentoring to create consistent, predictable revenue and growth. 
Our Business Innovation Growth Hacking helps brands like these keep growing.
Absolutely brilliant. Put a new perspective on my thought process. Rory Muscat - Bank West
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Growth hacking, minus the risk
For leaders who believe results matter first, we give you a way to achieve growth and results faster, safer and easier. Think growth hacking, minus the risk and minus the cheap trick marketing.
Reinvent your business offering vs. increasing marketing spend
Rather than increasing your marketing spend, we focus on rapidly improving your business offering (which makes marketing it easier).
Accelerate your growth safely
By using our proven innovative processes and techniques, your new growth hacking approach will overtake outdated, slow traditional business approaches. Get the turnaround results you want in weeks versus months.
Maximum growth, zero risk
Innovation is risky and unpredictable. WRONG! With the latest proven validation and innovation methods, innovation is no longer the riskiest part of a business.
Innovation on Autopilot
Create a business growth innovation program that runs on autopilot, consistently creating new product, process, service innovation that directly increase revenue and growth...

But with minimal risk, stress and effort.
Avoid The Postponement Mistake
Business growth innovation is an untapped competitive advantage. The costly mistake companies make is postponing action. "We're fine right now" or "Things are too risky now to change anything". These faulty beliefs are what (not who) your competitors are to business growth success.

“Some words to describe what Nils Vesk did for us at CBA. He led us, he guided us, he facilitated, he challenged us, and most importantly he helped us innovate and become thought leaders. He was fabulous, his style is terrific his energy is contagious and we’d use him again in a heart beat.”  Brigid Gibson,  Commonwealth Bank

What's different about us compared to our competitors?
  • Our competitors deliver innovation training.

  • They see workers who need to learn new skills.
We're different because...
  • You see a hard-worker in the mirror, we see you and your team as innovators, inventors, & intrapreneurs.

  • We help create, guide and develop knowledge workers into innovators who develop the profit making products and services of the future.

  • Rather than just provide skills training, we help you to create an inclusive culture of growth via risk free innovation.

  • We help you and your team overcome the biggest obstacles to innovating for growth. Be they behavioural or logistical.

  • We give you proven processes and templates that you can use immediately.

What can Ideas with Legs do for you?
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