What are innovation consultant services and what problems do they solve?
What are innovation consultant services and what problems do they solve?

What are innovation consulting services? And what kind of problems do they solve?

  1. First up, let's look at products. So if your company's looking at inventing, or creating a new product, that's where an innovation consultancy can help. Well, they help you to either look at what new insights or customer needs might be out there or frustrations to help you to create a really valuable product.
  2. Two, they might help you in the generation of ideas.
  3. Three, they might look at looking at ways of validating that the problem that you've identified is one that people are willing to pay for to get solved. And then to help you validate and iterate. That is to build a prototype or a pilot effectively and rapidly so that you can actually prove that an audience or a market is willing to pay for the solution.
  4. And once we've done all of that, they can also help you look at ways to commercialize that in production or manufacturing or the creation of just basically launching and getting that idea out there to the world. So that people buy and use your product or your service or your process.

These are the main services that consultants provide. And the problems behind those things are "Hey, we don't know what we should be doing next to compete against our competitors." Or "Our product's so old. Our product is no longer being used by our customers and no one's ever buying it anymore." Or, "The processes that we had from 15 years ago just aren't working anymore." Or, "Hey, we just have to look at creating a new income revenue stream, and creating a new product or a new service is one way that we can do that."

I hope this helps you better understand what innovation consultants do.

Thanks for reading.

Founder, Innovation Keynote Speaker, Author

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Nils Vesk is a Four-Time Author and International Keynote Speaker. Nils has worked globally with over 200 bluechip companies including 3M, American Express, Canon, Caltex, Microsoft, Nestle´, IBM, Fuji Xerox, PWC, HP and Pfizer.

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