The simplest way to rekindle creativity and spark innovation
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What if...

Here's a personal belief I have about creativity and innovation. 💡

We are all born creative. 👩🏽🎨

Just watch what kids do, the questions they ask, the curiosity they have, the exploration and experiments they make.

It's in our education system where our creativity is first suppressed. 📚

Yes, some schools buck the trend – Steiner, Montessori, and others.

But by and large, our schools discourage exploration, discourage, trying something different, discourage challenging and questioning what they are taught.

I don't blame the teachers. They have KPIs to meet, a curriculum to cover, assessments to mark…

And then comes further education and vocation.

Most degrees have a black and white approach with little room for free-thinking. 🎓

Yes, some degrees cover design thinking and creative problem solving, but they are few and far between. And some organisations are just outwardly averse to innovation.

Here's the good news. 

In my twenty-plus years of working in the field of helping people innovate, I'm yet to come across someone who hasn't been able to rediscover their latent creativity or learn to innovate.

The simplest way to rekindle creativity and spark innovation ️ is to start a sentence with the words "What if…?"

"What if… I tried doing it this way instead?"
"What if… we had to eliminate this component?"
"What if… I combined this to…?"
"What if… I substituted this with something else?"
"What if… we reversed the process?"

You're not broken.

You are an innovative, creative person who can change things for the better.

What are you waiting for? Start using the ‘What if…’ approach today!


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He's the founder of Ideas With Legs.

His  clients call him a Reinvention Renegade. Nils Vesk is an international authority on innovation and the inventor of the ‘Innovation Archetypes Process’.

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Nils is the author of a number of books including "Ideas With Legs - How to Create Brilliant Ideas and Bring Them to Life", and "Innovation Archetypes - Principles for World Class Innovation".

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